- 國際趨勢/時事分享:關注你所屬國家的新聞議題,挖掘現在具熱度的社群、流行素材、ACGN互動趨勢,分享Z、α世代既平凡卻又不凡的日常!
- 個人觀點分享:發揮你的整合能力及創意思維,與高階主管進行個人觀點分享!

# 工作期間:預計2023/7 至 2024/1,每月進行一次分享活動 # 薪資:每次提案分享可獲得$12,000元

# 工作地點:台北市內湖區瑞湖街111號 (橘子集團總部) # 為符合主管機關規定,請於申請時說明目前在台工作證申請情況



- 在台就讀大學/研究所的僑生/外籍同學 (泰國、越南、印尼、馬來西亞、菲律賓、日本、韓國 _歡迎以上國家同學)

- 書面與口語皆能以中文或英文無礙溝通 - 重度網路使用者,時時關注社群動態、掌握最新話題趨勢,擁有自媒體操作經驗者加分







# 初審通過會以信件個別通知,未通過則不另行通知~歡迎所有同學們,在2023年的今年,一起來橘子看看吧 ! 準備好後就直接按下"應徵鍵"唷!

# 應徵時請同步附上您的個人介紹檔案or作品集or簡報

# 詳情請見 104:


Gamania Group International Youth Exchange Ambassador Program


Hello everyone! Gamania Group is recruiting International Youth Exchange Ambassadors. Here are some relevant informations for you to consider:


【Job Description】

  • International Trend/Current Affairs Sharing: Focus on news topics in your home country, explore popular communities, trending materials, and ACGN interactive trends to share the ordinary yet extraordinary daily life of the Z and α generations!
  • Personal Perspective Sharing: Utilize your integration skills and creative thinking to share personal opinions with our managers.


# Work period: Expected from July 2023 to January 2024, with one sharing activity per month.

# Salary: $12,000 NTD per proposal sharing.

# Work location: No. 111, Ruihu Street, Neihu District, Taipei City ( Gamania Group headquarters).

# To comply with regulatory requirements, please indicate your current work permit application status when applying.


【We are looking for someone like you】

  • Foreign students studying at universities/graduate schools in Taiwan (Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan, South Korea - Students from these countries are welcome).
  • Can communicate fluently in both written and spoken Chinese or English.
  • Heavy internet users, who constantly monitor social trends and keep up with the latest topic trends, with bonus points for those who have experience in self-media operation.


【What you can get】

  • Experience sharing from senior executives.
  • Gamania recommendation letter.
  • Priority entry to Gamania job opportunities


# Applicants who pass the initial review will be individually notified by mail, and those who do not pass will not be notified separately~

# All foreign students are welcome to join Gamania  Group in 2023 and take a look together! Just click the "Apply" button when you are ready!

# Please attach your personal introduction file or portfolio or presentation when applying.

# For more information, please refer to 104: